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Mods for Cars - 30+ Funny Car Mods Ideas

Mods for Cars – 30+ Funny Car Mods Ideas

Car modification is an industry in itself, and movies such as “Fast & Furious” have attracted millions of people eager to use fast wheels. Not everyone can afford engine tuning or other performance upgrades, but everyone has the power to dream. Some people dreamed loudly. However, will cold air intake, dashcam, exhaust mufflers, portable battery charger, fuel pressure regulator for car modification by these owners be banned? Follow me to find the answer from the following interesting examples.

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oil cooler lines

Guide to Engine Oil Cooler-Can it Improve Vehicle Performance?

In order for you to understand how the engine oil cooler works, let us first define its actual meaning. In the simplest sense, the engine cooler is an integral part of the radiator system. It moves around a maze of pipes in the engine to provide a cooling effect. It can reduce the temperature by up to 30 degrees, which is why it can prevent the engine from overheating.

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Straight Pipe Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Pipe System: How to Install an Exhaust System in Your Car

When the engine burns fuel into mechanical energy, the liquid fuel becomes a gaseous state full of toxic chemicals. Instead of letting these exhaust gases be discharged into the air we breathe, use an exhaust system to channel these gases through the cleaning process, reduce combustion noise and vent filtered air from the back of the vehicle. In order to guide these gases through the converters and mufflers, metal exhaust pipes are used.

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