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Mods for Cars – 30+ Funny Car Mods Ideas

Mods for Cars - 30+ Funny Car Mods Ideas

Car modification is an industry in itself, and movies such as “Fast & Furious” have attracted millions of people eager to use fast wheels. Not everyone can afford engine tuning or other performance upgrades, but everyone has the power to dream. Some people dreamed loudly. However, will cold air intake, dashcam, exhaust mufflers, portable battery charger, fuel pressure regulator for car modification by these owners be banned? Follow me to find the answer from the following interesting examples.

A car with giant spoilers!ludicrous modified

The owner obviously does not want it to allow more downforce. So why is his car not fast enough, even unable to withstand down pressure.



Ridiculously Big and useless wingsludicrous modified

Yes, the car uses the flanks to help the turning department, but adding 9 percentage points to the owner’s Volkswagen will not improve its performance. In fact, this may adversely affect their car balance.



Absurd style barludicrous modified

The style bar is a visual tribute to the scroll bar, but it does not have any structural benefits. They have no other functions except appearance. They are equivalent to the clumsy, huge, meaningless wings of a convertible. Moreover, if the owner is in a convertible, there will be many problems.



The fake exhaust mufflerludicrous modified

The fake exhaust muffler has only one purpose-to make the car owner look silly. How does one consciously do things that make oneself look stupid?



Ridiculous chimney on wheelsludicrous modified

 The cars modified by these owners on the streets and on the earth will soon lose their ozone layer. First of all, the posture of this car is outrageous, but it releases so many toxic substances into the atmosphere that it is a crime to ignite its engine. A related question is: What kind of engine does this Miata have?



Fake air hoppers and ventsludicrous modified

Speaking of fakes-some people will install fake air hoppers and vents on the hood or fender. No, it won’t make the car look cooler.



Randomly adding things to wheels and body kitsludicrous modified

From unstable wheels and ridiculous body kits to randomly added things, these things are simply ridiculous. These cars look more like what the owners would like to see in children’s cartoons rather than being next to them when they drive to work See things in the driveway.


A modified car that has been equipped with many body kits by the ownerludicrous modified

The theory is: “My car looks like all other cars, and it’s not sporty or fast enough! I will put on a body kit to make it run like a racing car.”

Reality: In most body kits, the functional benefits are between nonexistent and very, very small. Instead, when you try to resell your car, you have successfully slapped your feet. Once you realize that you have spent thousands of dollars in parts and manpower to put it into production, you will inevitably do so… …As fast as before.

Need for Speedludicrous modified

Players can choose from a variety of body equipment. But the problem is that when car owners do this in real life, it is more likely that their final modified car will look like this.



Fake M badges on the M badges that are not installedludicrous modified

Car owners have the money to buy 5 or 3 series, but when they put fake M badges on the M badges that are not installed, their behavior is completely stupid and lacks wisdom.


The owner replaces the car badgeludicrous modified

Putting fake badges on cars is an emotional fraud and should be banned in all 50 states. Car owners are trying to fake their cars, and the nonsense is not always as obvious as the interesting Ford Fusion (aka Shelby Cobra Thunderbird GT-R) shown above. However, for better or worse, this method is still protected by the First Amendment.


Car owners customize and write on the bumper stickersludicrous modified

Bumper stickers used to be a fun little single line, but then some people thought of letting car owners customize and write what they wanted. The result is that we must read such content on the go.



This Ford truck has the ridiculous Nutzludicrous modified

Car owners do crazy things on trucks in the name of modification, but are they crazy? real? This is certainly the most ridiculous truck modification you have ever seen on the road. I mean, the owner of this Ford pickup truck must have a better way to tell the world how good it is. The blue paint makes it even more absurd.



Ridiculous Rambo’s door on the Chevrolet doorludicrous modified

Scissor doors or gull-wing doors-these doors look perfect on high-end sports cars, and even Tesla has made beautiful electric sports cars with gull-wing doors. But Lamborghini did a great job. How about the Rambo door on the pickup truck? The owner of this Chevrolet truck just decided to fix the scissor door to the work truck, and it looks ridiculous.


The absurd rainbow chrome sleeve on a Ford Super Duty planeludicrous modified

 Chrome is very beautiful; car owners like cars decorated with chrome. But there is no color,

especially the rainbow chrome coating on the Ford Super Duty Truck. Not only the rainbow chrome paint that makes this truck look interesting, but the Super Duty car is also seated on 26″ x 16″ special forged wheels painted with purple paint.

Junkyard modification styleludicrous modified

 This car looks worthy of the dump. The paint job must first be on the owner’s remodel list, and then open the windows and windshield to ensure adequate visibility. The end of the negative camber also seems too enthusiastic and impractical for efficient driving. This rusty car will win the hearts of many people at Stancenation, but it is far from perfect.


Buy ridiculous incredible partsludicrous modified

 If the owner understands the relationship between jerky steering and camber gain, and if he knows how to recognize changes in vibration bounce settings based on feeling, then he must spend some money on fast food. If all this is like ελληνικά to him, then his check is a check you cannot cash.


A car owner spent thousands of dollars on large, beautiful brakesludicrous modified

Nothing can scream “incredible performance” like gorgeous brakes. This is real. Especially when they are big and look beautiful. There are holes! however…

1) There is no hole in the brake disc. This is just one thing because racing cars in the 1950s reduced the air pressure caused by the overheating of the brake pads. But modern pads will not deflate as they did 60 years ago, so these holes will not squat down.

2) More physics: To slow the car requires converting forward momentum into heat and storing it in the rotor. Adding a larger rotor can increase the storage capacity… However, if the owner is not racing on the track for a long time, no additional capacity is needed.

Safety features specially designed for racing car ownersludicrous modified

The list of problems caused by the selection and selection of security features (not just with a sticky system) is too long to be listed here.



The lift of this Chevrolet truck is too greatludicrous modified

The lifted pickup truck is suitable for work and weekend off-road vacations. Owners all like a good lift kit on their old pickup trucks, at least that makes it a bit interesting and can compete with new pickup trucks through modern off-road technology. But how high does the pickup truck lift? 10 feet? 12 feet? Maybe this Chevrolet truck can tell you the distance when you lift it.


Ridiculous extremely low Ford F-100ludicrous modified

A low-rise sports car will look beautiful, but a pickup truck will not. Not only the appearance, but some car owners also modify the low pickup truck for no purpose. I mean, what is a pickup if you don’t drag things? If it weren’t for the beautiful paint job of this Ford F-100 truck, everyone would believe it was grounded.


The collective suffering caused by modified carsludicrous modified

The manufacture of cars allows people to move from one point to another without sweating too much. In this photo, the situation is just the opposite, because these people may have lost all the sweat they can secrete. The suspension of this car modified by the owner is so low that it is impossible to climb a small speed bump.

Fire hazards of modified vehiclesludicrous modified

Although this is not one of the fastest Ferraris, it is still Ferrari-a dangerous modified Ferrari. Ferrari was too low and the floor hit the ground. The process of refueling at a gas station may cause a serious fire outbreak, because the potential fire may be caused by the friction of the car floor scraping the ground.


The modified car above the outer edgeludicrous modified

 Volkswagen has a camber on the new negative level. The racing car and drift racing car use a negative camber design, which is only applied in the range of about 0.5°-1° to obtain the most effective results. However, there is a Volkswagen car modified by the owner with an arc of about 45°-too high!


Modified car with plastic coverludicrous modified

There are many plastic features on the exterior of this car, and a car owner will confuse it into a toy car. As if not bad enough, it has ridiculously negative camber and extremely low suspension. Without all these modifications, this car would have been a good choice for a quiet ride to the city. Nor is it a good color choice.


The ludicrous low suspension of the Mitsubishiludicrous modified

The low suspension of the Mitsubishi modified by the owner may give it the ability, so it is considered a fast drag racing car, but it is not. The car can’t even disperse at a top speed of 50 meters per hour. The negative impact of these plugins on the car will always make standing there a confusing adventure.


The journey of “slam” car ownersludicrous modified

Reducing the turning performance of a car will bring various benefits, but this is not a “more is more” situation. Lowering the car too much will disturb the geometry of the suspension, and after a certain point, they will notice that the handling becomes worse.



Standing Silicaludicrous modified

This Celica, modified by the owner, looks intact, indicating that it has been towed away or assembled at this time. This is not a far-fetched suggestion, because the car looks impractical to the car driving to the location. As the suspension is lowered, a slight rotation of the car will eventually mess up the front bumper and many other accessories on the car.


Seek a “stance”ludicrous modified

The car owners said that the lover is watching the lover, so no one can judge such a car except the owner. There is also physics, they do not have the same subjectivity. Just drive their car off the road on the sidewall of the tire, and they might flash a slogan: “I don’t know how cars work!” 



Mad Max Editionludicrous modified

This stance car looks like it was made by a certain owner in Mad Max’s blockbuster. The car’s suspension is not very low, it can get rid of it by having incredibly large tires and moderately negative camber, but that’s not the case. The rear windshield and rear bumper of this car were removed, and a large amount of metal was fixed to the rear. That’s ridiculous!

Ridiculous Stanced Beetleludicrous modified

Why oppose the Volkswagen Beetle? The sight of this car looks tortured, and if the broken car can talk, it might make grunts. One of the purposes of standing is to increase beauty, which is not the case. The owner of this car can at least comment on its uniqueness, but in general, this is a failure.


Ridiculous Street Sweeperludicrous modified

Nothing is more ridiculous. The car owners entered the town in their small and colorful compact cars, but when they got home, all the dust and debris they saw during the journey had been taken home. This is one of the joys of having this absurd mod.

In conclusion, whether a dashcam, portable battery charger, a backup camera for car modification will be banned depends on how they have modified and wherein the car they are modified. In order not to be banned, please be careful not to modify into these too ridiculous models.

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