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Modifying Honda Civic: Increasing Horsepower with Tire and Wheel

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Here are a few examples of modifying Honda Civic cars: The second and tenth-generation Honda Civic cars have been modified into two performance-based Type R versions, Honda Civic cars have an amazing Lamborghini Style cut door. Even the eighth-generation Honda Civic has been modified to look like a brand new tenth-generation Civic. Also, transform the Honda Civic into the fastest car in East India. Through these few examples, you can know how to use inexpensive accessories to modify Honda Civic to increase horsepower.

Honda Civic Type R Performance – The tenth-generation Honda Civics Modifying

On a global scale, Civic has existed for decades, and there are many reasons for its success. First of all, the actual motion control characteristics of the R type are a bright spot, and the i-VTEC gasoline engine is also well-known worldwide. However, the Civic Type R variant has gained benchmark status for several generations because its relatively affordable price tag, aggressive appearance, and other external enhancements make it a must-have choice for every driving enthusiast.

Modified Honda Civic

This does not prevent enthusiastic Civic owners from modifying their cars to give them a gorgeous appearance. Since the ordinary Type R has a body kit and enhanced style on the standard model, it will not be a problem to incorporate authenticity into the mix in the tenth-generation Civic. As you can see, Radiant Red Metallic paint works well with overall customization. At the front, the bumper kit has a larger air intake and a lower black lip spoiler, as well as a black frame for the circular fog lights. The blackened hood shovel and the piano black around the headlights and grille add sparkle to the custom Honda Civic Type R. Except for the black side skirts and a new set of two-tone machined wheels, the side profile is the same as the standard model.

The rear of the body kit has a bumper with a larger air outlet, and in the middle is a black diffuser part with three air outlets. The huge boot integrated spoiler together with the black and double-bubble spoiler-finished roof has attracted attention.

An owner Spends Rs 3 Lakh For Mods, which is undoubtedly surprising

A doctor from Chennai modified his second-generation Honda Civic to look like the Honda Civic Type-R. The Civic in question is the 2019 i-VTEC model. These modifications are only decorative, no internal and mechanical changes have been made.

honda civic type r ndia

Dr. Prashanth Arun, who owns the Honda Civic Type-R appearance, said that all major components such as bumpers, and spoilers are imported from Sholinganallur’s API cars. Custom painting work is also done by API Automotive. The modified Civic comes with reflective rearview mirrors and a carbon fiber hood. The fender of the car also has black highlights.

Other modifications include 18-inch staggered 8J / 9J Veeman wheels (different front and rear widths), with Michelin Pilot Sport tires-235/40/18 at the front and 245/40/18 at the rear. The Honda Civic Type-R also has tinted windows and ceramic coatings. The only modification made to the engine components is to customize the BMC air filter to replace the spare air filter. Dr. Allen said that the cost of all modified cars is close to 300,000 rupees.

Honda Civic modified by Indian owners-gets outrageous Lamborghini-style scissor doors

When it comes to car modification, Kerala’s gasoline head does not leak at all, and this super radical Honda Civic proves it. Inspired by Mugen, Honda’s performance department, the modified Civic is full of bright and loud elements.

Honda Civic Scissor Doors

First, the elegant gray paint job makes the car stand out from the crowd. Most body modifications are focused on the front fascia. There is a convex ridge on the valve cover, neatly forming a hexagonal grid. The bumper has many ventilation holes and a prominent black finished chin separator. The headlamp has also been modified to fit the modified front end.

Side changes include side skirts with small vents near the rear wheel arches, large alloy wheels with low-profile tires, sports rearview mirrors, and Lamborghini-style scissor front doors. The rear panel has a customized LED combination light, which seems to be inspired by the old Mercedes E-Class. The new rear bumper is equipped with two exhaust ports (one or both of which may be fake) and a black diffuser with F1-style LED lights. The transformer badges on both ends complete the design.

Some people think the taste of this modified Honda Civic is a bit outrageous, but there is no denying that this car has attracted people’s attention on the road.

Old Honda Civic modified by you looks like new and interesting

There are many Honda Civic sedans on the Indian market that have perfect shapes, and owners do their best to keep them in top-notch ex-factory condition. Well, this is the owner of the eighth-generation Honda Civic. He modified his car to make it look like a brand new tenth-generation Civic.

honda civic old to new

The modification work completely changed the front and rear ends of the vehicle. The front of the car uses a single-thickness grille to give the new face a new look, which can be seen in the new Civic and all other new Honda cars. Even the bumper of the vehicle has been updated to look more aggressive. The bumper of the car has also been updated to a new version with a more aggressive appearance. Ordinary headlights have been replaced with new-style lights with LEDs and a more stylish appearance. This car looks very different from the old Civic cars on the Indian market, but the completion of the modification work is not what most enthusiasts will like.

Many changes have been made to the rear of the car to make it look like a new generation of Honda Civic. The back uses a new C-shaped LED taillight, which looks very close to today’s Honda Civic. In addition, in order to make the “R-shaped” badge on the front grille fairer, it installed a huge spoiler on the trunk lid. The eighth-generation Honda Civic looks quite elegant, while the latest-generation Civic is completely aggressive. Both vehicles have their own charm.

Honda Civic (2006) modified by the owner

Honda Civic 2006 modified

This is another exquisite modification example of Xinlan paintwork, Mugen RR body kit, aftermarket headlights, and taillights. It also has a spoiler and shark fin on the roof. In addition to the body modification, the owner also replaced the air intake with a K&N air intake and upgraded the exhaust to a Nitto full-system exhaust unit. The interior of this car uses a combination of red and black.



This Honda Civic modified by an owner is the ultimate sleeper for a Mod worth 500,000!

Modified Honda Civic

When Sriniketh Acharya bought the Honda Civic, he read the slogan that said “Start something special.” And he knew exactly what he had to do. He modified his Honda Civic into the fastest car in eastern India. In addition, he also kept the aesthetic appearance of the sleeper car unchanged, making this modification a unique modification.

Wow! More interestingly, this modified Honda Civic can reach 100 km/h from a standstill in less than 8 seconds. Some serious modifications are indeed needed to reach these numbers. This is the conversion tool for the car to become the fastest Civic in eastern India.

The bore length of the engine block of the original Honda Civic is 81mm. This Honda Civic has a 90 mm inner hole, which ensures a greater displacement and thus brings greater power. The intake and exhaust ports have been port-treated and appropriately polished to improve efficiency. The piston size is larger, and a high-lift camshaft is also added.

HKS End Can on the Modified Honda Civiv

Ordinary tires have been replaced by Yokohama 205/60 R performance tires. Sriniketh also replaced the original brake pads on the Civic with high-performance EBC brake pads. This ensures that the fastest Civic is stopped when needed. Srikiketh ensures that the suspension system can supplement power, making it stronger than before. The modified Honda City now uses high-octane fuel to achieve the best output.

This entire modification cost Sriniketh about ₹500,000. And watching the work done on this beast, it must be reasonable.

Overall, you can use a variety of high-quality and inexpensive accessories to modify the Honda Civic to increase horsepower, but it still depends on what kind of horsepower car you want to modify the Honda Civic into.

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