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Best Car to Modify: Honda City Modified with the Exhaust System & Air Intake System

honda city modified

Honda City has a reputation for more than 20 years and has always been a very popular car brand in India’s reducer. Although Honda City ranks second in the sales rankings of this segment, it still retains a good response from the commercial segment. With just some visual and mechanical modification packages, Honda City looks more exciting and attracts new public interest.

Honda City 1.5L Vtec with exhaust system and air intake system

honada city modifiedEquipped with

Remus Endcan’s zero-force performance stainless steel exhaust system

 K&N intake system

Yellow speed racing shock absorber

205/40/17 Hankook rubber-wrapped 17-inch 8J Lenso rims

5mm wheels

Long Beach blue paint

Momo steering wheel

 Honda City Vtech 1.5L Petrol with cold air intake system and gasoline engine

honda city modifiedEquipped with

Remus Endcan’s zero-force performance exhaust system

Apexi cold air intake system

Automec struts with customized lowering springs

 Exedy clutch upgrades

195/45/15 (F) and 205/45/16 packaged 15″ And 16” Lenso rim (R) rubber

Remove chrome. Information about the best Honda City below.

Modification–First-generation Honda City (sleeper car) modified in India

 This is a modified version of the first generation of Honda City, launched in 2000, equipped with a 1.5-liter i-VTEC gasoline engine. As you can see from the image, this does not look like the normal version. In addition to customization, there are some performance upgrades.

The car has a BMC intake system with Race Concepts exhaust system. In addition, the car has been lowered and now uses Vogtland lowering springs. It also gets NGK spark plugs, as well as customized side skirts and front lip. The owner chose a special Midnight Pearl paint job, which is located on 17-inch Lenso wheels with a specification of 204/45.

This is another example of the modified first-generation Honda City, which can be called the total JDM. We say this because it uses 17-inch Inforged rims wrapped in 205/40 to obtain a pearl green suppression effect, while also providing after-sales accessories with improved performance and customized body kits.

The sports Honda City Modification with a turbocharged engine

The sports Honda City RS Turbo

The fifth-generation model of the iconic Honda sedan for the upper-middle class-which has maintained a strong image for many years but is gradually dying-made its debut in Thailand with a complete renovation of the exterior and interior. In addition to the conventional fifth-generation city, Honda also launched the sports city RS Turbo.

honda city modidiedAt first glance, J.S. Race Wheels City RS Turbo feels like a low-rise car with aftermarket wheels. It’s like a classic example of the widespread “over-functioning” trend in car modification. However, if someone who knows a little about the performance improvement takes a closer look, they will find that the Endless caliper-rotor assembly is hidden behind the Volk Racing CE28 15×7 +35 wheels.

The wheels are made of Toyo R1R 205/50 R15 rubber, while the lowered, the stronger ride is provided by the H Drive S spec 32-level adjustable damper. Inside, J.S. Racing Wheels City RS Turbo received Recaro CS seats. Improving performance and power is undoubtedly a bet. The engine may have undergone some adjustments and minor upgrades to complement all these mods.

Among the Honda models, the Honda City RS Turbo is powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine that can produce 122bhp of torque and 173Nm of torque. The engine is only paired with the CVT unit. For the J.S. Race Wheels City RS Turbo, the output data may reach nearly 150bhp and 200Nm (at least in the ideal case to prove the rationality of all other equipment).

New Honda City Modified to Look Like a Race Car

 “RS-R Japan”, a well-known car modification and modification studio located in Japan, recently launched a modified version of the 2020 Honda City to make the appearance of the car more gorgeous than ever. The new generation of City has been transformed from head to toe into a replica of a super sports rally car.

When it comes to the appearance of this modified Honda City, it is safe to say that this car looks like a masterpiece. The original car used pure white paint tones, while the modified Honda City now uses elegant red and gray vinyl throughout its body. By blackening the grille, rearview mirror, and hood, it can provide excellent contrast.

The customized Honda City still has bumpers, but at the same time adds a front spoiler. The “RS-R Sport Service” logo of the modified room occupies the hood, two doors, and the front and rear bumpers of the car. The turn indicator installed on the front fender shows that this modified Honda City is undoubtedly not a high-end RS interior model. However, it looks absolutely stunning due to multiple modifications.

Honda city modifiedOther major changes in the new-generation City include the addition of the RS-R elbow, which reduces the height of the car. Compared with the stock version, the luxurious bronze-colored alloy wheels newly added to the modified Honda City wear Tokyo Proxes high-performance rubber, which looks particularly cool. Except for the new Recaro sports seats, not much internal work has been done for Honda City in 2020. Obviously, that is enough to make things inside the car interesting.

The customized Honda City is equipped with an    RS-R aftermarket exhaust system under its brand new sporty appearance, which will replace the inventory unit. The modified City uses a 1.0-liter turbocharged engine, which is enough to provide 122 BHP of power and 173 Nm of peak torque. As for the 2020 Honda City in India specifications, the highly anticipated executive sedan will be equipped with a 121 PS 1.5-liter gasoline engine and 100 PS diesel engine options. The upcoming New York City will bring a series of features, including full LED headlights with LED daytime running lights, Z-shaped LED taillights, power sunroofs, 7.0-inch color TFT MID, Honda Connect, 6 airbags, and vehicle stability Sexual assistance system and agile processing assistance.

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